Teotihuacan Field Trip


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Teotihuacan was the great capital of Ancient Mexico, expanding its influence to cities like Tikal in Guatemala or Copan in Honduras. It is the place of the famous Sun and Moon pyramids.

Artisans of Time did one year fieldwork here, so we know the place.

We leave early in the morning from San Miguel and we return in the evening.

Walking tours around San Miguel




Discover the incredible cultural landscape  and the sense of place of San Miguel in a walking journey with Artisans of Time. Let yourself be guided through the space and time of this unique mexican town by an anthropologist that decided to live in San Miguel because of its magic and deep cultural history … Transform yourself in an artisan and join us in the crafting of an «artesania de viaje», a travel handicraft, our joined field trip through San Miguel.


Our  co-created handicraft is a two-three hours walking tour around  San Miguel and its cultural history, from prehispanic San Miguel to present day.